The Stevie

The Stevie


Blue, Green, and Brown Organic Print on Blue Suiting

Looking for something interesting to shake up the rhythm of your blue based wardrobe without wreaking havoc?  This bowtie.  The majority of this tie is navy blue suiting and the contrasting print has shades of blue, green, brown, and tan, so you probably have most of these colors in your wardrobe already.  The curling and paisley lines are totally different from your stripes but but are still the same scale.  The print on this bowtie will even syncopate with paisley and floral prints, with its light and heavy lines and large and small blocks of color.

Wear it with: khaki pants, a brown blazer, a sage or forest green paisley shirt, brown leather oxfords, the vest from your 3-piece navy suit you never wear, jeans, a burnt red shirt or pants.  To see how other dudes are wearing it, check out the #ydthestevie tag.

Don't wear it with: anything black or grey, neon yellow skinny jeans, a true red shirt, light wash jeans.

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Base: wool and polyester suiting

Contrast: medium-weight polyester crepe with a brown, green, and blue background, off white floral print, and brown paisley lines


Finished dimensions: 2 1/2" high by 4" wide.  Adjustable neck fits 14" to 17" neck.


Care instructions: keep out of direct sunlight and water twice weekly.  Iron on medium heat setting with steam.