The Justin

The Justin


Blue Flannel on Navy Blue Suiting

Here's a classic out of our starter collection. The blue with blue plaid will get you through any fall season in style. The blue plaid flannel is enough to warm up any look, before you're ready to break out the wool and layers, and keeps up on the cozy when it's time for pea coats and knit hats.  This bowtie is also perfect for temperate climates, giving you a warm and winter-y look even if you only need a cardigan to keep off the chill.


Wear it with: the sharp navy blazer already in your closet, an orange polo/rugby shirt, jeans, khaki pants, a brown corduroy jacket or pants, blue shirts in solid, plaid, striped, or window pane.  To see how other dudes are wearing it, check out the #ydthejustin tag.


Don't wear it with: ... let us get back to you?  We've been hard pressed to find anything The Justin doesn't go with.  Oh!  A tux.  This is not the bowtie for a fancy swanky event.  But for work, an evening out with friends, parties, dates, fights to the death: this is your bowtie.  You can probably even wear it with the blue seersucker suit you wear all summer.


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Base: wool and acrylic suiting

Contrast: cotton flannel


Finished dimensions: 2" high by 4 1/2" wide.  Adjustable neck fits 14" to 17" neck.


Care instructions: pet daily.  Iron oh high heat setting with steam.