Your Dapper Bowtie was designed to be the swiss army knife of Bowties while still letting you pass through TSA.

 Our base models were created to dress up and down what you are wearing with the same bow tie.  Our black satin ties were created with formal events in mind while our suiting models were created to be work appropriate for all but the most traditional places.  Both however still allow for a badass swatch of personality to shine through.  Dress down what your wearing by removing your jacket and even flipping around Your Dapper Bow tie so that the highlighting fabric faces forward.  Or, untie Your Dapper Bow tie for a suave, looking awesome without trying look.  In the current age we live in, you never know who you’ll meet at a formal or at a bar, so, so be memorable, make a statement, be dapper.  Check out the individual product pictures for ideas on what to wear with each particular bowtie.

What makes your dapper bow ties different?

At first glance, Your Dapper bowties are different simply because the color blocking makes them look a little different.  But that's just the beginning.  Feel a Your Dapper bowtie (if you can) between you fingers - rub it, scrunch it.  It feels more like the lapel of your ready-to-wear jacket than any other bowtie.  And that's how Your Dapper meant it to feel.  Her Royal Dapperness wanted a bowtie with substance.  She used suiting fabrics an a sturdy non-fusible interfacing in its construction.  These are exactly the same layers used in many jackets.  The Dappervangelist and others will tell you that this substance makes it easier to tie.  Her Royal Dapperness will tell you that this substance means it finally feels like there's a bowtie that holds up to your suits, that goes with your suits, that feels like it's something worth making and more importantly keeping.

The all-important matter of tying:

We here at Your Dapper love a nice, traditionally tied bowtie (and an Oxford comma).  They have a fullness that pre-tied bowties just can't replicate.  They also have a quiet dignity to them, if by diginity you mean superiority to all pre-tied bowties.  So, you can tie every one of our bowties each time you wear it with exacting perfection.  Just use the end with the contrast as your working end, with the  larger block away from you after the initial hitch around the short end.  For most of you, this means starting with the contrast on your right, larger contrast block facing in/down.

... And if you've tied it so perfectly you can't bear to un-do it, or if simply don't have the forty-five seconds it takes to tie a bowtie to spare in the morning, or if you're only wearing one of our bowties because you lost a bet about a a bear and three shoelaces, you can use the hook at the back.  We ship all bowties pre-tied and ready for wearing.

Of course, we  leave all the adjusting to you.  We also encourage you to brush up on your bowtie tying skills, because it's totally easy and you'll probably want to re-tie your bowtie at some point.  The Gwen and Paul should stay neatly tied for quite some time, but all the satin ties, The Michael, The Nicole, and The Dianna, are shiny and thus slippery and probably won't hold a knot forever.  Take a look at this handy dandy video we've prepared for you.

For smaller and larger necks than 14" to 17" and all others seeking custom bowties:

We're a small operation; bowties are only 30 inches or so.  We do all our production in LA in batches of 5 to 10.  This means we keep a sharp eye on quality and it's super easy to sneak in a custom order.  If your neck measurement is larger or small than our default range, we cut a bowtie just for you.  We know that our medium range just doesn't quite cover all the necks in the world, especially the ladies wearing our bowties without collars and strapping, muscular necks that we at Your Dapper only have after some quality time with Photoshop.  It just takes a couple days longer than a regular order.  

If you want a bowtie from custom fabric, we cut that specially for you too.  It's best if you already have fabric that you want to work with.  It can be the remnants from the bridesmaids' dresses, or an old tie, or pretty much anything else.  You can also supply base fabric or we can find some.  Give us an email at so we can get you sorted.  Once you're happy with all the fabrics, it should take about a week to get your bowties in the mail.

How Your Dapper bowties are made:

By hand.

How to care for your bowtie:


With love. 
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What Your Dapper bowties made of:

Hopes, Dreams, and mountain men tears.  
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$70 for a bowtie?  Say what?

$70 for a tie or bow tie can seems a bit much.  Unless justifiable, that isn't going to fly with many people.  In fact, we wouldn’t buy a $70 bowtie unless there was a damn good reason to do so.  However, with the amount of construction and design acumen as well as versatility, your dapper bow tie will prove to be a great investment.  Here are some of the key differences between Your Dapper bow ties and regular bow ties.

Your Dapper Bowties take longer to cut than your average bowtie.  This is because our bowties are symmetrical.  Yes, symmetrical.  Here’s a challenge: Fold your bow tie like it’s tied, or go ahead and tie it.  Now fold it in half.   They don’t match up do they.  Now think about how important symmetry is to attractiveness.  Furthermore think about how your subconscious detects minuscule asymmetrical features.  You’ve seen the Discovery Channel.  We know we just ruined a lot of bow ties for you.  You’re welcome.  

The reason many other companies make their bow ties without the steeper curves is because they are easier to cut and sew.  This means faster production.  Look for a rotary cutter (add hyperlink) in production pictures or in the production video.  Even if small batch, this STILL means that the bow tie is made like a mass produced product .  

Your Dapper Bowtie is hand stitched by expert seamstresses.   Due to the minuscule seam allowances on the highlighting fabric, almost surgical accuracy is required.  This is not something many professional seamstresses can do let alone your crocheting grandmother.

Your Dapper Bowtie can be tied in 3 ways giving you 3 different looks for each purchase. (Highlight behind, highlight forward, all one color)

Your Dapper Bowtie is made in Los Angeles California by U.S. citizens.  America, Eff word Yeah!


To be clear, there is nothing wrong with having a Grandpa Cardigan or Absent-minded Professor Jacket.  Like Macklamore said in Thrift Shop: "I'ma take your grandpa's style, No for real - ask your grandpa - can I have his hand-me-downs?".   We also have our fare share of absent-minded professor jackets and absent minded professors friends.  So, if you are an absent-minded professor, just a professor, or have a PhD. then: What Up Doc?

For those wanting other style options, may we suggest anything with a collar.  Unless your a "dancer".  We highly suggest the collar of a shirt but we suppose a dog collar could work.  

Your Dapper black satin bowties work well for, you guessed it, black tie events.  They add a splash of color and personality without over shining your date, as well it shouldn't.  Plus, you can color coordinate while not looking like you're at high school prom.

All Your Dapper Bowties are also meant to be dressed down for the night out with minimal wardrobe changes.  They pair well with a collared shirt and jeans as well as your set of quirky Friday-night vests and leather chaps . . . at the same time.


Check out the product descriptions in our shop for suggestions.