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Excuse Me . . .
Your Dapper Is Showing

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We help artisans and crafts(wo)men understand and pinpoint the challenges facing their business and find solutions to the problems.

A Different Type of Consulting Firm
Many small business need help but don’t always know what help they need.  Your Dapper Consulting understands that. We are able to work with business to figure out their needs and difficulties and turn them into actionable plans.  HOWEVER, Your Dapper Consulting can go beyond helping you create a plan and actually help you execute the plan.  We know that hiring the right employees to fill an immediate need can be difficult, and that small business owners are always in need of an extra set of hands for a short term project that can really set the company up for growth.


We make bowties.  We make really awesome, dare we say dapper, handcrafted bowties*.  Each bowtie is designed to exude personality – personality that is almost as interesting, clever and awesome as you**.  And then we want you to buy them. So you can wear them. And be the best dressed person in the room***. And everyone will want to talk to you and tell you: "Excuse me... Your Dapper is Showing".  So... yeah. Buy our bowties.

* Each bowtie is handcrafted because we aren't able to make them with our feet . . . yet.  
Also because there is no other way, physically possible to make a bowtie.

** We say almost because no article of clothing can (or should) be as awesome as you.

*** Unless you are in the room with other guys wearing our bowties, then you’ll be co-best dressed.


our mission

Bridging cultural divides through PARTICIPATORY art forms

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Life is too short to dress like a hobo, eat shitty food, and drink cheap booze.  Luckily, you don’t have to. However, life is also too short to be a NOOB and get trolled into buying crap for top dollar.  You’re better than that. And how do we know? Because you’re here. Your Dapper lifestyle is your dapper life / style. We’re just here to help be all that you can be, get the most bang for your buck and not get sold unnecessarily expensive crap.  Why as a clothing brand do we do this? Because we are just like you. We want to maximize our utility { } #economisted and get the most bang for our buck.  In the process we’ll be a friend and share.  How do we propose doing this? We have partnered with people and invested in companies who, like you are up and coming bad asses.


A 70 Year old Trade Publication that INfluences Bars, Restaurants and Retailers across Hawaii

Your Dapper Consulting is running editorial for Hawaii Beverage Guide. Beyond telling stories which are great to read, we are conscious of about your bottom line.  We understand that making a purchasing decision is an investment into your business, and know a cute story about the company or seeing a picture of a bottle isn’t helpful information into making that purchase.  Instead we want to provide a basic understanding of the product including:

  • The cost of production as influenced by the quality of ingredients and production techniques.

  • For those who are sophisticated buyers, understanding how something is made and it’s intent, are better indicators of flavor than tasting notes which tend to be very personal.