The Paul

The Paul


Herringbone Print on Grey Corduroy

This is the bowtie your fall and winter wardrobe didn't even know it was missing.  What pants, shirt, or jacket of yours wouldn't be complemented by this grey corduroy bowtie?  It adds textural and visual variation and visual if not physical warmth to any look.

Wear it with: a grey wool jacket, a white, black, or grey shirt, a maroon sweater. a grey and white polkadot shirt, corduroy pants, jeans of any wash (okay, maybe not acid), a plaid flannel shirt, pastels, jackets with elbow patches, layers of any kind, black oxfords, a grey velvet jacket.  To see how other dudes are wearing it, check out the #ydthepaul tag.

Don't wear it with: a camel sweater, a grass green polo, madrass plaid shorts, a royal blue shirt.

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Base: fine wale cotton corduroy in 60% cool grey

Contrast: over-sized dark grey herringbone print on brushed cotton


Finished dimensions: 2 1/2" high by 4" wide.  Adjustable neck fits 14" to 17" neck.


Care instructions: Iron on high heat setting with steam with bowtie laid flat over a fluffy towel; use steam but not pressure.  Refrigerate after opening.