Your Dapper uses the freshest, locally grown, free range fabrics.  Our selection of fibers is chosen to suit the season and your style.  While a silk tie may have been the standard when you were young and dreamed of working at a Dot Com when you grew up, we're all for breaking the rules.  And those silk worms work hard; they could use a little break.  In our global and increasingly environmentally conscious world, we have more options for great bow ties besides just silk.  Fabrics are also chosen for their hand and texture - that is, they make for a satisfying feeling bow tie.  Here are our fabric choices and rationale:


Satin (100% polyester)

We are using a polyester satin to both give silk worms a much deserved rest, that is until we find a silk that is substantial/thick enough to provide adequate structure and feel.  We want your bow tie to have a beefy knot, not a dainty bow to put in your hair, even if it is your chest hair.

Satin (100% silk)

For all Your Dapper is into breaking rules and taking names, it's hard to argue with the tradition and feel of a traditional silk bowtie.  Make no mistake, our silk bowties are no frippery.  Our silk bowties are full of substance.

Interfacing (100% polyester)

Our bow ties use interfacing.  Not all bow ties do.  The difference is in feel.  If you like your bow ties to feel like 2-ply girls hair ribbon, then our bowties are not for you.  If you like you bow ties to feel like a neck tie - sturdy and masculine - then you need a bow tie with interfacing.  Similarly, neckties are made with interfacing.  The polyester interfacing  we use, chosen after much trial and error, provides just enough weight without making the bow tie difficult to tie.  (For the super traditional and in-the-know, we've skipped the horse hair.  No one needs to be that uptight.)  Don't let the hot air from other bow ties companies make you think that they make flimsy bow ties because they don't want you to be hot.  Ours will make you hotter, in a good way.  They don't affect temperature however, because really, is a slightly more structured 3/4" band around your neck really making a difference?


Suiting fabric (wool, wool and polyester blend)

The navy blue suiting is made from material for suits.  Unlike many other options such as the material used to make shirts, suiting material is sturdier due to a thicker twill, thereby providing more structure.  This blue suiting in particular is also light enough to be easy to tie.


Other materials

Colors and prints are chosen not just with consideration for aesthetics and trends, but also how they will fit in with your wardrobe.   

Some of our contrast pieces are up-cycled.  These are specifically chose because they’re in our designer’s line of vison.  The Dianna is made from a silk dress.  From the 80's.  We like to think that dress is in a better place now.

See the various product descriptions for more information about the materials used.