Iron Fist Brewing Co. Hawaii Launch

Iron Fist Brewing Co.

made its Hawaii debut made it's Hawaii debut at Bevy.  The event, hosted by by Youngs Market Company of Hawaii, showcased six beers at the tasting.  However, instead of being a tease, we only included the tasting notes on the beer available on tap at Bevy.



Tasting Notes for Beers on Draft at Bevy

Nelson the Impaler

Appearance: See pic

Nose:  Lilikoi and yeast with sweetness.  Note that it’s brighter and more aromatic from the

Taste/Mouthfeel:  King’s Hawaiian Sweet Bread (Not toasted) with lilikoi jelly.  It’s not overly viscous, but that’s not a bad thing considering the feel of this beer.  

Other Notes: This would go perfectly with Chicken Katsu.  If you're state side, go to L&L Hawaiian BBQ.  If possible the one in El-Cajon because we know the owner.  #shamlessplug  


Velvet Glove Oatmeal Stout

Appearance:  Dark coffee

Nose:  Typical oatmeal stout.  That is espresso with light raisin overtones

Taste/Mouthfeel:  Nice viscosity.  Has the espresso inital flavor which then dissipates gradually.  As this happens you get a raisin notes wafting through your nasal cavity.  The beer then finished with a dark chocolate along with a tannic like quality on the mouth feel.

Other Notes: Like many other oatmeal Stouts, this would go really well with vanilla ice cream