Bow ties and Booze: Chekhov's Gun

For Your Dapper's recent launch party, several of Hawaii's best chefs and mixologist were gracious enough to create appetizers and drinks inspired by our new line of bow ties: The Rosseland Collection.  Here's what Christian Self of Bevy put together for us.

Photo by Tracy Chan of Nightfox Photography

Words from Christian's mouth:

I wanted to do something similar to the concept of Chekhov’s Gun where a seemingly ordinary item turns out to be particularly important.

Tasting Notes:
This punch recipe is name appropriate given the proofage on this bad boy. The Batavia Arrack* sits firmly in the middle of the cocktail providing a sweet, smoky, spicey flavor. Green Chartreuse’s herbal sweetness provides the main accenting the flavor. Absinthe then provides a tennor note green anise note. In harmony the trio provide an intricate base. Lime, basil, and lemongrass are then woven in-between the flavors to add a high acid note and a sweet aromatic flavor. In all this provided for a great spring or summer sipper.

* Batavia Arrack, from the island of Java, is distilled from sugarcane and red rice using chinese pot stills and aged in teak vats. (


1.5 oz Batavia Arrack van Oosten

.5 oz Green Chartruse.5 oz Lemongrass Syrup

.5 oz Lime

.5 oz Egg White

bar spoon Absinthe

Lemon Grass Syrup

Boil 1/4 Cup Lemon grass cut into 1” pieces, 1 cup sugar, 1 cup water for 7 minutes

Garnish: Basil and a bow tie

Photo by Eric Baranda

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