Bow ties and Bites: Juke

For Your Dapper's recent launch party, several of Hawaii's best chefs and mixologist were gracious enough to create appetizers and drinks inspired by our new line of bow ties: Medium Frequency Electron Transmission.  Here's what Jeremy Shigekane put together, inspired by our our bow tie Juke:

Photo by Tracy Chan of Nightfox Photography

Photo by Tracy Chan of Nightfox Photography

What Jeremy has to say:

This bow tie is more my personality: Simple and sophisticated but without excessive flair. This is the kind of food I do was well. For this we will be doing nachos, but instead of using wonton chips or tortilla chips, we use nori chips that are fried until crispy. Then we use marinated tomatoes which is a little bit more of a French style and the raw fish which is Hawaii.

Ingredients for fish

1/8 Cup Basil 

1/8 Cup Cilantro

1/8 Cup Scallion

1/8 Cup Mint

1/8 Cup Olive Oil

1 lbs Opah Fresh (never frozen)

.5 lbs Tomatoes

.25 lbs Red Radish

1/8 Cup White Soy

1/4 Cup Sherry Vinegar


Dice fish into 1” x 1” cubes. Salt opah. Combine Opah, Tomatoes, radish, White Soy, Sherry Vinegar and let marinate for one to two hours. While waiting, Add Basil, Cilantro and Scallions into a food processor with oil (similar to pesto). Mix all ingredients together.

Nori Chip Ingredients

1/8 Cup Rice Flour


Oil for Frying

20 Sheets of Nori

1/2 Cup Water


Nori Chip Preparation

Make a paste using the water and rice flour.  Season the paste with salt. Quickly dip the nori from one side to the other, let excess drip for a second. Fry at 350 degrees til crisp or it stops bubbling.  Put on a bow tie or tuck it into your breast pocket instead of a pocket square.  Serve.

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