Dude Clothes

Where are the clothes for dudes?

There are two types of clothes for men.  There’s the upscale and expensive (Macklamore is right, $50 for a T-shirt is getting swindled and pimped by a business) and then there's cost efficient but boring.  Look at it this way, if the extent of a clothing brand's creativity is to make a shirt in a different color or do stripes in a different color, how creative can they really be?  Personally, looking at my closet, how many more striped button up shirt can even exist?  

With that said, what's up with all the startup clothing companies that began because someone was convinced that because friends tell them they dress well that they should start their own fashion line.  Then there are the fashion designers who start a line and are very artistic but aren't in touch with reality and the fact that maybe, possibly, people may wear these clothes out in public.  And no, not everyone is a rock star, no matter how many people on twitter or instagram tell them that they are.

Then, there's the screen printed T-shirt.  It's fun and all, but as a grown-ass man, as a person who is a "business professional" for a non-tech company, the opportunity to wear a screen printed t-shirt is few and far between.  It even becomes fewer and further in-between when you want to have a competitive career because meeting your potential future boss in a shirt that says: "If can, can, if no can, bottles" is possibly going to negate any chance you have at that accounting firm, no matter how witty that shirt is.  

Where is the in-between?  Where are the clothes that don't take themselves so seriously, yet inject subtle personality?  Heck, where's the brand that doesn't take itself so seriously?  It's clothes, not brain surgery.  It's great and all that there are clothes made in L.A.' garment district by non-sweat shop employees, but how about clothes made by radio-active mustache bearing elves?   I mean yes, a company can, and should tell you the real way their product is made, but wouldn't you also like to read the version where elves only work at night, after they drink Kopi Luwak aka coffee that comes from beans extracted from cat poop?  BTW, the cat poop coffee thing is real, sometimes in life, shit is too funny to make up.

In a world where dudes are wanting to interjecting personality into clothes, let's add some personality.  The key word is personality because salmon is a color and/or a fish, not a personality trait.  Let's also make those clothes work appropriate.  That is until that dude start "flying" around the conference room because his inner jacket lining is scarlet red, and he has Superman logo on his tie, but only visible when his suit is unbuttoned.  Flashing your inner jacket lining to your colleagues is also borderline inappropriate, even if it is game day and your jacket lining is a replica of your favorite players jersey.  Because no, you do not have to protect this house.

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