Your Dapper Bar Apron

Your Dapper Bar Apron

"Bar Aprons are the new handlebar mustache"
- Your Dapper Bar Consultant, Tim Rita

Your Dapper Bar Consultant Tim Rita asked us to create aprons for an event he was working.  Unlike other companies attempts at creating aprons, we have both industry knowledge and a pattern making genius in Her Royal Dapperness.  Given the combination, we set out to create the perfect, dapper, bar apron.  Here's our thought process:

Bar aprons are all about functionality.  However, when your job requires interaction with the public, style is essential.  To create the ultimate bar apron we sought feedback from our industry friends and created an apron that:

  • Fits both genders, as most aprons are boxy which works fine on dudes, but girls end looking like, in the words of our friend Jen, “an oompa loompa”.

    • Solution: Adding darts for better fit across the chest    


  • Makes tools easily reachable when you’re leaning against the well.

    • Solution: Back pockets


  • Makes tool easy to find because nobody has time to fish for tools during service

    • Solution: Angled pockets for tools of different heights


Here are the main set of tools we took into account when planning for the apron.


Wine Key

Lighter and/or cigar cutter or matches

Bottle Blade

Pairing Knife (in sheath)

Y Peeler

Recipe book

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Materials:  100% Cotton Denim

Manufactured in Los Angeles, CA