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New Menswear Dudeswear Company, Your Dapper LLC,

Debuts E-commerce and Inaugural Bow Tie Line


July 1, 2014 -- Honolulu, HI


Your Dapper LLC, a new apparel company for the dapper dude, launched, featuring its inaugural line of badass, made in America, color-blocked bow ties.


The website, like the brand, is smart, snarky, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  “We sell bow ties, not your IRA”, said Managing Partner Brent Nakano of Honolulu. “We want to help customers inject personality into their wardrobe and help them tell their story . . . even if that story is made-up”.


The inaugural line uses a proprietary pattern that was designed for symmetry, and is meticulously hand crafted from supple fabrics.  Though more difficult to cut and sew, Your Dapper bow ties feel like a necktie in the shape of a bow, as opposed to a silk hair tie worn around the neck.  This creates a subtly loud, geometrically-layered look.  According to designer Katherine Chinn: “Menswear is about the combination of elements.  You’re bowtie doesn’t have to be the focal point.”  As an added bonus, the patterns can be reversed allowing the bow tie to be worn in two different ways: more and less eye-catching.


For those who don’t know how to tie a bow tie, the website features video tutorials with tying instructions and suggested bow tie and clothing pairings on each product page.  It makes things as simple as pairing scotch with rocks.  And to simplify the tying process even further, each bow tie comes perfectly tied, ready for you to wear with same hook you find on regular pre-tied ties.  But they're untieable, so you can let them hang around your neck, and re-tieable, so you tie your own perfect knot. This makes them great for both the bow-tie challenged and the lazy.

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