Why bowties:

Clothes are utilitarian.   They protect you from the elements and your surroundings.  However, if you wear anything more than a un-dyed smock, or a loin cloth, you are making an  “artistic”, “fashion” choice.  This choice, be it  conscious, subconscious and on special occasion unconscious,  communicates a message about your persona and to “interests” others.  Your Dapper  was created to fill the vacant gaping hole that is clothes for men that are amusing, interesting and fun and that don’t look like the color combinations were picked by your blind uncle.  We make #disruptiveclothing.

Through our clothes and our community, we want to help you  better inject your  personality into your wardrobe, help you communicate what you want to about yourself, and help tell your story, even if it’s made-up.  Along the way we hope to be entertaining, cheeky SOB's as well; because we sell clothing, not your Retirement plan.

In some professions, bowties are also more sanitary.  For example, if one is a service industry professional, a tie in a guest's food or drink is usually not appreciated.  But just usually.  Bowties also breed much less bacteria than ties.  This makes them great for doctors, so says General Surgery News.

Our name:

We were originally ‘Excuse me, Your Dapper is Showing’, but that was too hard for us to spell on a regular basis, especially when at a bar showing our friends new stuff on our website.  Our throw pillows printing service also charged by the letter, so we shortened our name to ‘Your Dapper’.  Also, our initials YD can stand for Yeah Dude. Our colleague John's favorite thing to text everyone he knows.

Our story:

We met, we saw, we are working on conquering.

Our company:

Our formal name is Your Dapper LLC and we are chartered in the state of Delaware.

Our very first bowties:

Your Dapper totally doesn't have it's beginnings in Her Royal Dapperness' bowtie obsession.  It's not something she sees the Doctor for on a regular basis.


You have questions.  So do we.  We also have answers and so does RadioShack*.  Email us at mrdapper@yourdapper.com or join Your Dapper Community at the bottom of this page.

*Your Dapper LLC is in no way affiliated with RadioShack.